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anythings_claim's Journal

Claim Anything At All You Want!!!
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This great and wonderful community was made because my friend and I were sick of communites that you claim stuff in dying and you could claim anything. We will update nearly everyday as soon as you claim it! This just isnt one of those where you claim like a song or a band. It is for you to claim anything your heart desires examples are: bands, songs, cocks, lj users, tv shows, movies, food...basicly as stated before ANYTHING!!! so feel free to go nuts with your claims...you will have up to 7 claims so pick them wisely. Sam and Myself since we are mods get 10 claims and a few of our close and personal friends will get a few more then the 7. So follow the rules and have fun with the claims. Any questions feel free to contact one of us..our info is provided below and her comes the horrible horrible rules hehe kidding.

The community rules!

1. You must join the community to claim. Once you join, state your claims in a post to the community. Please do not state your claims in the comments. If you do, your comments will be ignored, deleted, and you will be removed from the community. You should know that you make your own seperate post and you dont post in comments that is just stupid.
3. Check The Claims List Before Claiming. You can't claims something that has already been claimed, but you can make a post saying you are going to challenge someone for one of their claims. If they do not respond to the mod post stating the challenge for their claim in 3 days well then you get it. Also it would be a very good idea to check the first 2 pages of recent claims just incase we got lazy for a few days and didnt update the list ;)
4. When claiming please put this in the subject line "I Am Claiming" if you do not your post will be ignored and deleted!
5. If you are going on hiatus for any reason please make a post in the comm telling us why, when you are leaving, and when you will be back. We have a speacial place on the userinfo page for your username and date of hiatus begininng and end. If you do not come back to tell us you are back within 3 days of your hiatus ending then all your claims are up for grab and your name is removed from the hiatus list.
6. Please no fighting and arguing in here. This place is meant for fun. If you have a problem with someone then dont talk to then tell one of us and we will handle it...if the problem continues notify us again and we will deal with it by removing them from the community. Only time arguing is even somewhat ok is if we have a weekly debate on something which is kind of rare but we will have them ever so often.
7. Also please dont be rude if you dont like someones claim. Just dont comment on their post is the only way to make sure you arent. If we see you had some smartass comment about someone elses claim well no questions out you are removed from the community. If we somehow miss the rude comment please do not hesitate to point it out to one of the mods...we will handle it.
8. If you are removed from the community it shouldnt be hard to understand that your claims will be taken off the list and will be up for grabs.
9. If you have some awesome news about a band, a song, concert dates, tv show news, movie news, and so on please feel free to post it in the community but under an lj cut! we do not want the community to be messed up by some huge post so please please use an lj cut. If you do not do so well then your post will be deleted and of course ignored. If you dont know how to use an lj cut here is the code:
<*lj-cut text="whatever you want it to say blah"*>
type whatever you want here
tell us whatever
make sure its something cool lol
dont really know what else to say
Warped tour 2005 are you going? lmfao
couldnt help myself hehe<3
Just remember to remove the stars and thats the code!:)
10. Please do not pressure us to update the claims list. We do have lives like all of you do and we cant be around all the time to do this. We promise we will keep up as good as we can which should be pretty much every other day if not everyday. If you do continue to pressure us well then you get one warning and if you do it again we will remove you from the community no questions asked!!!!!
11. No promoting your communites in here unless you contact one of the mods first via aim. We probably will have one or two days a week for you to do this so dont get all pissy about this. We would love to join one of your communites so dont think we wouldnt. We will make the post ourselves and it will say something along the lines of "Please Promote Your Community Here" you can promote any comm from an RPG, Grapix, Icons, Layouts, and other claiming communites! So basicly any kind of community you are welcome to promote but wait for the mod post or ask us before doing so. If you dont well then you are removed no questions asked.
12. Also Please note that if you are removed you are also banned and will not be allowed back into the comm. We do save ip addresses so dont think you will be slick by making a new journal and rejoining.
13. Please make all entries friends only! If you do not do so your post will be ignored and then deleted. This is to keep the comm neat and clean and people cant steal things:)
14. Also keep in mind just because a band or a band member is named doesnt mean you cant claim another band member or the whole band. But remember if the band or band member you want to claim is already claimed you cannot claim it!
15. Just have fun that is what we made the community for! Enjoy yourself<333

Mod Info!
Name: Kaci
Journal Name: lipringgoddess
Aim Screen Name heartsbeat alone
Yahoo Screen Name: burn_the_sun_burn_the_light
GJ Journal Name: soeffingemo
Myspace Link: http://www.myspace.com/kacibean

Name: Sammy
Journal Name: almostfam0us_x3
Aim Screen Name: x OHMYGODITSSAM
Yahoo Screen Name: MrsEpsteinx3
GJ Journal Name: None at this time<3
Myspace Link:http://www.myspace.com/xxsammybaby

Claims List

Aubrey Graham's Music by user: almostfam0us_x3
Aubrey Graham by user: best_of_me_xo
Backstreet Boys by user: almostfam0us_x3
Bass Guitars by user: lipringgoddess
"Best Of Me"-The Starting Line by user: best_of_me_xo
Brian Littrell by user: best_of_me_xo
Big Sunglasses by user: best_of_me_xo

Canada by user: almostfam0us_x3
converse chuck taylors low tops by user: best_of_me_xo

Degrassi The Next Generation by user: almostfam0us_x3
Daniel Clark's Muscles by user: almostfam0us_x3

From First To Last by user: lipringgoddess
Fall Out Boy by user: best_of_me_xo


Hairspray by user: almostfam0us_x3


Jake Epstein by user: almostfam0us_x3
Judaism by user: almostfam0us_x3
Jake Esptein's laugh/smile by user: best_of_me_xo



Mike Lobel by user: almostfam0us_x3

"Note To Self"-From First To Last by user: lipringgoddess


Pete Wentz by user: lipringgoddess
Pina Coloda Ice Cream by user: lipringgoddess

Quinn Allman by user: lipringgoddess


Shane Kippel's Tongue Ring by user: almostfam0us_x3
Sonny Moore by user: lipringgoddess
"Secrets Dont Make Friends"-From First To Last by user: lipringgoddess
Skateboards by user: lipringgoddess
Shane Kippel by user: best_of_me_xo
The Used by user: lipringgoddess
The Goonies by user: best_of_me_xo
Talan From Laguna Beach by user: best_of_me_xo







None at this time!!!

Banned Area
None at this time and lets try and keep it that way<333