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I Am Claiming [Tuesday
July 18th 12:04am]

Zacky Vengeance from Avenged Sevenfold
Michael J Fox
Purple [the color lol]

Please and thank you :)

x x
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I am claiming! [Sunday
August 14th 1:52pm]

i claim:

+Hayden christensen

+michelle branch

+paris hilton


+the show entourage

+the om symbol

+dashboard confessional

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I am claiming! [Friday
July 29th 12:06pm]

[ mood | weird ]

© Piercings
© "Knife called lust" - Hollywood Undead
© "Nobody" - Skindred
© My BFF'S xox_melly_xox & Deven!
© The show Real World Austin
© Eminem's Music
© The color green

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Members only! [Wednesday
July 27th 12:57am]

[ mood | creative ]

Hi this is one of the mods!
Im just informing you that we are MEMBERS ONLY!!! and this is a locked community.
Please click to join in the userinfo.
Also read the rules carefully before posting.
Thanks and have fun claiming<3

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